What happens to old phones?

So, you've just sent off your old phone to a dedicated recycling company such as Mazuma or Envirophone. What happens to your phone now? Well, the company you have sent your phone to will evaluate your phone and determine if they can re-use it or whether it really is beyond additional usage.

If your phone is deemed to be still usable, it is sent to companies who can then distribute the phones to emerging markets such as those in Africa and the Asian subcontinent. Sometimes they may need some sort of refurbishment. Screens, housing covers and batteries may need to be replaced to make the phones a little more usable than they currently. Once they reach their final destination, they will feed into the local population through formal and informal channels and are especially useful due to the existing lack of technology and in some cases lack of telegraphic infrastructure (telephone cabling, poles and network). The phones sent to these countries help their economy and the local residents that previously may have been stuck without any formal means of communication.

If the phone is too old, too broken or cannot be re-used for whatever reason, it will be sent to a specialist recycler for metal and materials recovery. In the UK, this means that the phone will be disposed of correctly rather than sent to developing countries as electronic waste that harms the local population's health and detriments their environment.

Either way you look at it, you should dispose of your mobile phone correctly. By sending it to a dedicated mobile phone recycling company, you can rest assured that your mobile's end of life will be respected and treated with the utmost respect.